Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dear Blog,

raindrops from heaven I, originally uploaded by Adriana Glackin.

How are you? Well, I'm fine, doing really well actually.

I'd like to apologise to you though. Have you noticed, I haven't been here too often? I'm so sorry I've been so lax in keeping you up to date with things. You know I couldn't work out why I wasn't spending more time here with you, and then I realised what it is that has been keeping me away from you - and it's the Project 365. That's right, not only am I composing a photograph a day, I'm also writing a little story to go with each image. It seems that I'm using up all my words in a place other than you. I'm so sorry. I do apologise. I'll try and make an effort to visit and keep you updated with stuffs. I've included a pretty picture for you to look at.

And please remember, it's not you, it's me.

Yours always,
Adriana :)

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