Sunday, 29 June 2008

welcome to my virtual world...

[wp_caption id="attachment_16" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="fine art photography"]fine art photography[/wp_caption]

...a place where many of us spend time relaxing, learning, chatting, socialising and playing. My intention is to share with you images I come across the web, websites I find informative and interesting and any other topic that fits in my virtual world.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

What is "The Gift of Art"?

Gift of Art is an initiative organised by the members of "A Photographer's Craft". This on-line art community, brought together via RedBubble have donated a number of their photographic work to a charitable cause. From May to August 2008, all proceeds from sales of their photographic cards, wall art, mounted prints and canvases will go to the National Cancer Institute. The National Cancer Institute allocates research funds to scientists from around the world whose work involves cancer research, the prevention, the causes and potential cures of the disease.

As individuals, we need to understand that we can make a difference in combating a disease such as Cancer. That every little bit counts, every little effort counts, and when pooled together it will make a difference so that this disease, which does not discriminate, can be eradicated.

So where does A Gift of Art fit in? Buy a card, a print, a canvas, a poster from this selection of fine art photography and the proceeds will go to National Cancer Institute. You will also have a beautiful piece of art as a memento of your donation. If you have an upcoming occasion, please consider buying from A Gift of Art - your effort will count.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My On-Line Love Affair...

...started with the sheer delight experienced by rsmac and his dainty image of a sea shell. If rsmac could derive such pleasure from uploading his images onto RedBubble, then, surely so could I..couldn't I? And so almost a year down the track, the love affair of taking photos, editing them so that they become my interpretation, uploading them onto RedBubble, and of course selling the occasional card and wall art and t-shirt has continued and shows no sign of waning. Something so enjoyable couldn't possibly be bad for you, I mean there's the online community, there's groups to join, forums to chat on, competitions to enter, critiques to be a part of... And of course, there is the daily learning. In life, whether it be real or virtual, is there no better aim that to learn something new everyday?

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fine Art & Photography by Adriana Glackin

Am I in the real or virtual world?

It seems as though more and more today we are embracing a virtual world. So today, just like that, I created a blog, this blog. "Created a blog"...seems incredible, it was so easy, type in your email address, select a name (that thought has been keeping me awake for days...), select a template and bingo I'm now the proud owner of a blog. Perhaps that's why we are becoming more reliant on a virtual world. Results are faster, cheaper, easier, more accessible than ever before.

So what will my virtual jottings be composed of? Well, mainly sights and sounds I come across here on the web and as I spend a bit of time on Red Bubble, I will showcase my favourite things about Red Bubble and it's community of artists.

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Red Bubble Gallery
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