Monday, 26 September 2011

My iPod has a Sick Sense of Humour

I resisted getting an iPod for a long, long time. I never really saw why I would need one. I'm happy to listen to the radio in my car and I listen to my CD's at home. So when would I actually need to use an iPod, I questioned? Well, when I'm at the dentist, of course!

It was because of a visit to the dentist that I bought my iPod a couple of years ago.  Listening to your favourite music at full volume does wonders for your nerves and it takes your mind off that whining, drilling sound. Taking my own advice and seeking treatment for a cracked cusp saw me at the dentist this morning. A previous cracked cusp was so painful that multiple injections were needed to deaden the area (bad, huh?). While those injections did help somewhat, there was still a lot of discomfort due to the sensitivity of the cracked tooth. This morning, I helpfully reminded my dentist of that time and suggested I be given as many, if not more, injections to make the experience a little more pleasant* for both of us.

Does this make you feel as giddy and lightheaded as I feel right now?

I've included a snapshot of some of the implements used to repair the said tooth (I really can't see why I should have all the fun) and I'm going to fast forward to where I hit the shuffle button on my iPod to block out the nasty noises. You can only imagine my horror when the very first song is a "Like a Version" by Grinspoon of The Verve's "The Drugs Don't Work".

Thanks iPod - you have one sick sense of humour...

And as a final note, while I can't feel the right side of my face, my tongue feels like it can't fit into my mouth anymore and I can't enunciate my words correctly without dribbling, I felt no pain whatsoever. Yeh!

* euphemism.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Better Photography Photograph of the Year 2011 - My News

I've been a little tardy in sharing some photographic news with you. Earlier this year I entered three images in the Better Photography Photograph of the Year 2011. Last year, I also entered 3 images and received three Bronze awards for my efforts. This year, I received two Silvers and a Bronze! I was absolutely delighted with this; I was hoping for a silver and was awarded two! And thanks to those of you who kindly sent me emails to congratulate me - as I hadn't even realised it - one of my silvers also made it on the Top 50 Emotive Portraits page. Win!

Here are the images; they are available for purchase over at Red Bubble or alternatively contact me via this blog.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

You'll never guess what I just heard...

I'm really smiling more than this, simply thinking of those two.

I have a Very Big Smile on my face and I'm dreaming of Las Vegas. It's not because I'm suffering from the side effect of the hay fever medication I'm currently taking.  It's because I did some serious eavesdropping when I was at the nail bar this morning. Well, actually, that's stretching it a little. It wasn't hard to eavesdrop at all. Apart from myself and the technicians, the only other clients were the 2 Very Excited middle aged women who walked in for their booked pedicures. From the moment the two walked in, they were atwitter about their pedicure. One was a die-hard fan of them and the other had never had a one and was just so excited at the prospect of having her toe-nails painted she could hardly contain herself. But they were more than just excited at the oh-so-relaxing pedicure and the many settings on the massage chairs they were sitting on. The numerous massage settings were delighting the newbie, as the seasoned pro explained the various relaxing settings to her with a very knowledgeable tone.  It was their upcoming holiday that really had them chatting and giggling and squealing with joy! 

Here were two best friends who were about to embark on a "trip of a lifetime" (their words). They would be departing this Sunday, for two weeks in Disneyland and Las Vegas! They were absolutely buzzing with excitement - talking to each other about the arrangements: the children were being babysat, comfortable walking shoes were discussed, the importance of moving about in the plane was agreed upon, and so on and on. All this interspersed with ticklish giggles from having their feet rubbed and scraped and pampered.  Should they also splurge and book in for fake tans and massages prior to their departure - to really get into the holiday mood early - they also pondered... I wanted to call out my reply - yes to the massage and no to the fake tan - but I didn't want to spoil their moment. These weren't women who were big noting themselves, their elation was genuine and from the sounds of things, well deserved. I wanted to soak up their excitement - while looking as if I wasn't really listening! The excitement of their upcoming holiday (the first holiday overseas for one of them), the simple joy of having their toe-nails painted, the enthusiasm they were feeling was so infectious - I truly was so delighted for them - I wanted to hug them good bye! 

So now on Sunday morning, I'll be thinking of those two women as they farewell their families at the departure lounge and board their flight bound for the US of A for what sounds like a Very Exciting 2 weeks of girly, giggly fun.

Bon Voyage ladies! You've made my day!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Laghi Serru' and Agnel in Landscape or Panorama print?

I'm refreshing the art hanging on the walls at home at the moment and I have an offer for a hugely discounted canvas print over at the Canvas Factory. The wall space is approximately 1 metre wide and I've decided on one of my own landscapes to get printed up. I'm having a dilemma however, as I have two images to choose from. Actually, two images that I've narrowed it down to. Of the same location - the two lakes at Nivolet called, Agnel and Serru', the scenery is absolutely magical and one I'd love to see hanging on my wall as a reminder of the great times we had whilst in Italy in 2010. 

To view larger, as for some reason I can't get the linking to work with this image, please click here.

* * * 

So, do I choose the landscape orientation or the 5 image panorama of the same location? Which would you choose? And why? I would love to hear your theories on what would work best in the space I have allowed.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Guest Photographer of the Month - A String of Pearls

I love this time of year; it's such a beautiful morning.
© Adriana Glackin - iPhone

September already, I'm not sure what happened to August, but there you go - we're in the first week of spring. Hooray! It certainly didn't help that for much of that time our internet was playing up and our phone line sounded like it was the original line used by Bell when he invented the phone all those years ago. It's all fixed now, and not before time!  (Thank you @Telstra).

So, the latest news is that I was asked by the lovely Jane to be their first ever guest photographer of the month over at A String of Pearls blog. I can thank Jane for suggesting the images I  include as guest photographer, be tranquil, peaceful ones and with the stressful month we've had here at home, it was certainly timely.

Please go and check out the blog, A String of Pearls, and I encourage you to leave a comment on any articles that resonate with you.  

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