Monday, 22 June 2009

Valley of the Waters - Wentworth Falls

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Valley of the Waters with two other photographers - Peter Hill and Tatiana R. These two are absolutely passionate about their waterfalls and landscapes and will go to all sorts of lengths to get the shot perfect (and by that I mean, getting up at a ridiculous hour even in winter in order to capture the scene in it's best light) . I was also fortunate enough to borrow a spare Canon 30D  - which, of course, I fell instantly in love with...sigh....

I'm in the process of considering an equipment upgrade, and after using the Canon 30D, I think the upgrade will be happening sooner rather than later. I'm looking forward to our next outing, and shooting some more of our beautiful surroundings.

To view more Blue Mountains and the waterfall images please go and view Peter's gallery here  and Tatiana's gallery here.  Their works are available for sale as greeting cards, matted prints, wall art and canvases through RedBubble.  when you view their gallery of images, I think you'll agree that getting up at "stupid o'clock" is well worth it if it means being able to achieve such wonderful results.

To view more in my series of the Blue Mountains, see my flickr gallery.


Peter Hill in action

 Tatiana in action

 Peter and Tatiana in action - if you've taken a look at their galleries, then you'll see that getting up at "stupid o'clock" is certanly vital to getting the perfect shot.  And yes, that means not only all the necessary camera equipment, but also good shoes, cap - rearward facing, flask of tea, chocolate and a beanie - preferably with a pom pom, good shoes, and a heap of patience and stamina. 

undergrowth 3, originally uploaded by Adriana_G.


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Is the "I was asleep at the time" the Perfect Excuse for us all?

I've been reading about this poor teenager's misadventure at a local tattoo shop, and how she fell asleep whilst being tattooed. She allegedly asked for 3 stars to be tattooed on her face, fell asleep, only to wake up with 53 more stars on her face than she asked for. Oops!

Of course, that got me thinking - what things have you done and wished you could have used her excuse of falling asleep at the time? I know there was a prominent Australian businessman who back a few years ago used the "I don't recall" excuse when questioned over some questionable dealings at the time; then there was the US president (at the time) who "didn't have sexual relations" with a certain person...if only they had used the excuse that they too were asleep at the time instead of the excuses they used...

So, if "I was asleep at the time..." is the excuse of our day - then how will you be using this excuse?

Poster was created in response to a on-the-spot challenge over at RedBubble.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sweet Blog

Sweet Blog, originally uploaded by Adriana_G.

Recently, the comment seen in this image was left on my blog. I felt flattered - for a nanosecond - then I realised it was probably left by a machine with links to goodness knows where. I googled the entire term, and sure enough, over 625,000 search results came up - all showing that people had accepted this sweet little comment on their blog without realising that it was instead, fake.

It's always nice to know that another person is reading my blog, and feel flattered when comments are left. But, sheesh, when it's a machine leaving fake, little, meaningless blurb, well that just stinks.

Steve Leadbeater - Feature Artist

Steve Leadbeater is a Melbourne based artist who creates images using the successful blending of typography, graphics and photography to create original Tshirt designs as well as greeting cards and wall art. The image that introduced me to Steve’s online gallery was this simple, yet very effective message:

It doesn't matter by Steve Leadbeater

Surely such a statement resonates with those of us who create pieces and display them in online galleries for all – or no one - to see. His style is deceptively simple, yet complex in meaning. I’ve included a few more of my favourites. Please visit Steve’s online gallery, and see which of his designs resonates with you.

Seize the Sound by Steve Leadbeater


Adler tessy deluxe typewriter by Steve Leadbeater

Monday, 8 June 2009

Drawing Day 09

What is Drawing Day all about? It's all about the art of drawing, of course! It's the day you're encouraged to drop everything and simply draw. Visiting the Drawing Day website, you'll find the various websites participating in this artistic day. I've had a lovely browse through many of the pages, and have picked my favourites here. If you're a member of any of these sites, then go and comment on those works - give a little encouragement to your fellow artists. Enjoy!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="424" caption="Batukarang by FriellaAnakIndonesia"]Batukarang by FriellaAnakIndonesia[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="339" caption="Draw Your World by KuyaChan (DeviantArt)"]Draw Your World by KuyaChan (DeviantArt)[/caption]

Nes On Pennyroyal, originally uploaded by the manx.  As seen on Flickr

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="327" caption="Repose by bojancica"]Repose by bojancica[/caption]

Red Bubble Gallery

Red Bubble Gallery
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