Monday, 28 June 2010

How to Add Texture to Your Photographs - a simple tutorial

I’m always asked how I add textures to my images, so I thought I would write a quick and simple recipe for you with a before and after photographic example. I use my own textures, however in this example I have downloaded some free textures from Isabelle LaFrance Photography.  Isabelle has free textures as well as free actions on her blog, so go and pay her a visit.

Here is the image BEFORE:

Step 1: Download the Free Texture Pack from Isabelle’s Website and save them onto your computer.

Step 2: Open up your Photograph. I’m using Photoshop, but I’m sure you can adapt these instructions to suit Elements.

Step 3: Open up “Burst – Free” texture that you’ve downloaded and change the colours using “Colour Balance”. I altered the colour from the original terracotta/green to a blue/fuchsia.

Step 4: Add the “Burst-Free” layer to your image. (Right click on the layers dialogue box and select “Duplicate” and select the image destination you would like the texture image to be sent to).

Step 5: Go back to your original image. It should now have the “Burst – Free” layer over the top. Resize if necessary. Set this layer to “Soft Light” and to about 63% Opacity.

Step 6: Open up “Organic – Free” texture and once again change the colours to suit. I altered the colour from the original mushroom to a turquoise.

Step 7: Add the “Organic – Free” layer to your image. Resize if necessary and set the layer to “Soft Light at about 60% Opacity.

Step 8: Duplicate the Original image and position this on top of the two textured layers.  Change this layer to “Black & White” (Go to Image – Adjustment – Black & White) and set this layer to “Soft Light” at 100% Opacity.

Step 9: Open a Curves layer mask and create a very slight S-curve – to suit your taste.  And you’re done!

Step 10: If you are posting the image up on the web, and you’ve used other people’s images – then don’t forget to give credit with links back to their site.

Here is the image AFTER:
beauty is a fragile gift

Please Note: The “recipe” will alter with each and every image as well as each texture layer you apply.  While setting it to about 60% Soft Light works in this example, in another example, Overlay at 20% may be the effect you’re after.  The trick is to experiment; there is no right or wrong way to apply layers. Of all the layer effects, I tend to use Soft Light, Overlay, Hard Light, Multiply and Darken the most.

If you have any questions, then please leave a comment and I will try and answer it for you.  In the meantime - Enjoy! :-)

Blowing in the Wind? Where are you Heading?

the wind

It's funny how some days when I'm trying to capture an image for my #project365, I shoot a back up image that is nothing like the theme I'm working on.  Today was one of those days. I'm happy with both images from today's little adventure, yet only one can be chosen for the project.  This image is my back up and I've added one of those little inspirational quotes that we need to hear every so often in order to remind us about where we're heading. Where am I heading? I'd like to complete this #project365 - that's where I'm heading. Where are you heading?

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

One Week Only - SALE @ RedBubble

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Don't forget Greeting Cards and Postcards - yes people still do write them and send them and RedBubble have so many cool and amazing designs.  The slideshow above shows just some of my designs, but you may prefer:

Whatever you prefer, you have only until 23rd June 2010 to get your 20% off.  Please use the following Promotional Code during the checkout process:


And - pssttttt! Feel free to pass the code on - don't just keep it to yourself.  Happy Shopping!

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Red Bubble Gallery
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