Saturday, 12 July 2008

Interview with John Edwards, artist on Red Bubble

About a month ago, I conducted an online interview with John Edwards, an artist on RedBubble. John doesn't simply photograph flowers, he creates the most wonderful floral images that appear to have been created in another time. Here is the interview with John. If you like this style of art, then visit his online gallery at RedBubble.


What camera do you use?

At present I use two cameras. A Canon 5D for macro and most of my floral images and a Samsung GX10 for other work. I won the Samsung last year for having the best portfolio in a monthly competition run by DSLR User magazine in the UK.

What is your favourite colour?

I love all colours but my favourite at the moment is Red.

What triggered your love for floral images?

In 2000 I received a Nikon CP990 digital camera as a Christmas present. I was amazed by the images it produced and one day turned the camera on a vase of Lilies. I was so pleased with the resulting image I submitted it to a site run by Nikon UK and came second in a competition they were running. That first image has ended up costing me a small fortune as after that I had the bug in a big way and after a while bought a Canon 300D and started submitting floral images to a couple of image libraries in the UK.

What else do you like to photograph?

As well as floral subjects I’ll point my camera at anything that takes my fancy although I particularly enjoy woodland scenes.

What are your inspirations when photographing?

My inspirations are the life I see all around me in my garden and local woodlands and parks.

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

If I had the confidence and budget to do it I’d love to have an exhibition of my work somewhere.
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