Monday, 11 August 2008

Feature Monday - Fine Art Photography

Monday's a great day of the week - the start of all good intentions when we resolve to complete the week as we have begun it...ha ha doesn't always work that way, with commitments getting in the way, friends and family to catch up with, then there's sleep too! At least there'll always be a Monday where the good intentions can begin again.

It's my intention, as it is every Monday, to showcase some great photographs that bring a smile to my face, and here's some that do just that!

"The Path to the Beach" by Alf Caruana, a Melbourne based photographer, not only won a recent RedBubble Black & White photograph challenge with this image, but also won a Silver Award in the Canon Better Photography of the Year 2008. Beautifully shot and edited, and an image that can be looked at for hours!

"That's a Bad Ass Tee" by Natalie Perkins makes me glad that not everyone is as impatient in life as I am. If Natalie were as impatient, I don't think any of her beautiful hand drawn creations would see the light of day - they would all remain firmly within her head for only her imagination to see and enjoy. It exhausts me to think how long it must take to create a piece as intricate and detailed as a hand drawn paisley print - now that's patience!

"Ancient Mist" by Sue Wickham another Melbourne based photographer I've discovered on RedBubble. Her photo in the fog is so beautiful, and even though I'm sitting here freezing in the middle of a cold snap and can't imagine being outside in such weather, there's something really quite serene about the photograph; maybe it's the lushness, or the tiny flowers scattered all over the bush floor or maybe it's even the distant sun struggling to make itself felt through the fog - there's a magic to it that make me smile.

Which brings me to my final piece for Feature Monday - PROMOTE YOURSELF as Dave Pearson has done here with his winning poster on a Promote Yourself challenge - and as with all good intentions that start on a Monday, promoting youslef, whether that be in real life on online should be done each and everyday, and not just on a Monday when you're fresh and rested and full of vim and vigour - ha ha ha! I hope that by placing Dave's poster here, it will inspire me to do likewise with my work.

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