Thursday, 18 June 2009

Is the "I was asleep at the time" the Perfect Excuse for us all?

I've been reading about this poor teenager's misadventure at a local tattoo shop, and how she fell asleep whilst being tattooed. She allegedly asked for 3 stars to be tattooed on her face, fell asleep, only to wake up with 53 more stars on her face than she asked for. Oops!

Of course, that got me thinking - what things have you done and wished you could have used her excuse of falling asleep at the time? I know there was a prominent Australian businessman who back a few years ago used the "I don't recall" excuse when questioned over some questionable dealings at the time; then there was the US president (at the time) who "didn't have sexual relations" with a certain person...if only they had used the excuse that they too were asleep at the time instead of the excuses they used...

So, if "I was asleep at the time..." is the excuse of our day - then how will you be using this excuse?

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