Monday, 13 July 2009

The Three Sisters, Katoomba B&W

I can see why kids jump and down with glee when they get a new that's exactly what I was doing when I opened up the box of my new Canon EOS 50D - oh what joy I felt! With every squeeze of the shutter, a small but shrill squeal would escape my lips - I just couldn't contain my excitement. Imagine my horror at discovering that I couldn't play with it until the batteries had charged! Gasp!

Anyway, the photograph I've included is from the first outdoor opportunity I've had to shoot with my new camera, who will henceforth be known as "Precious". Going along with Tanya and Peter, fellow photographers (who know what they're doing, btw), was a day spent in rapture as I familiarised myself with Precious, and all the clever things she can do. I borrowed Peter's Sigma 10-20mm lens to take this photo (a lens I think I'm in love with...sigh...), and am very pleased with the results. :)

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