Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sunrise versus Sunset - The Dilemma

The Entrance at Sunset, originally uploaded by Adriana Glackin.

I recently went along to The Entrance for a weekend filled with fun and frivolity with a group of my girlfriends. Spending three nights there meant that I would have three opportunities to shoot a beach scape scene at sunrise. Living in the Blue Mountains as I do, means that here was a great opportunity to have the seaside at my fingertips. It would be a walk across the road, right? Surely it can't be easier than that?
Anyone who knows The Entrance, knows just how picturesque it is, beaches within walking distance, and even more stunning beaches if you're prepared for a ten minute you would think it would be easy, right? Wrong!
I've discovered that the time that beds are at their most comfortable, is just before sunrise. I call this the "Cosy Bed Syndrome". Suddenly, what had been an ordinary bed for most of the night, becomes a most luxuriously warm and cosy bed that simply entices you to stay within it's toasty billowy confines. Was I able to wake up for at least one sunrise? Not a chance. I slept straight through the alarm.
I've decided that those photographers amongst us who wake up at "stupid o'clock" (and never has there been a better name for it), are immune to the powers of the "cosy bed syndrome"; are insomniacs who are awake at that time anyway; sleep on timber slats, no mattress and so have no problem getting up; have partners that are chronic snorers; drank waaaay too much coffee the day before and have yet to go to bed; or even worse - are really dedicated to catching that magic moment when the sun first peaks over the horizon and will sacrifice sleep no matter what it takes.
Alas, I am not one of those photographers. I did however, manage to take myself to the beach and photograph three gorgeous sunsets. I also managed to chat with a fellow photographer (even though he way using a Nikon), and I got chatted up by septuagenarian by the name of Alistair during this time. All isn't lost, as the sunset hour is just as magical as the sunrise hour - well, from the photographs I've seen of sunrises, they're both pretty special times of day.

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