Saturday, 2 June 2012

Drawing Day 2012

So, it's that time of year again where we take the time to doodle, draw, jot and generally immerse ourselves in this pursuit of picture creation. If you're like me and drawing isn't really your thing, then the last time you drew something may have been a while ago. Or maybe you say you can't draw, yet find yourself addicted to that "Draw Something" game! Whatever your talents, it's that time again - International Drawing Day where the goal of  1,000,000 drawings on the Drawing Day website is once again set.

 Drawing Day 2012

This year, the promotion for this event has been a little quiet (at least I think it's been quiet - there's been barely a mention in social media about this), in fact I really only stumbled upon it by chance last night before heading to bed. Maybe we're all preoccupied with life, that we simply don't have time to indulge in some downtime. And that's a sad thing indeed.

I went to bed wondering what I was going to draw today, and in that in-between stage of sleeping, dreaming and being awake, I had this little vision of a girl in a mouse hole and decided to try and draw her - thankfully, I remembered this morning and set myself the task. It took me quite a few hours to draw this, and I don't find the whole drawing thing a comfortable past time, yet I force myself to focus and push out of my comfort zone no matter what. I know the perspective isn't quite right and neither is the shadowing but this is pretty much what I saw sometime during the night. Drawn on plain photocopy paper and using a HB pencil I then scanned it into PS then spent some time digitally colouring it.
Drawing Day 2012 colour
 A while ago, I stumbled upon the following sites that will hopefully inspire you to pick up the nearest writing implement, paper and start getting creative. You may even enjoy the process :)

Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They’d Teach In Art School
Never Be my Friend
Dead Flies Art
Draw 23   
Big Sharpie Doodle 


Don't forget to upload your drawings to the Drawing Day 2012 site - have fun!

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