Sunday, 27 July 2008

In Photographic Art - What moves you?

They say artists are a sensitive lot and there's no more obvious a place to display their emotions than in their art.  It's interesting how different factors will draw out that emotion.  The skill in a great photographer is to connect with their audience so that some of that emotion us also felt by the viewer.  The subject portrayed can be a person, an onject, a location - basically anything than can convey an emotion from familiarity right through to taking your breath away. 

Below are some images that resonated with both the photographer and their audience in a recent Emotional Attachment challenge over in "A Photographer's Craft".  There's no right or wrong way in how you should feel when viewing a photographic piece - the ideal would be to feel.


"Sisters Two" by Adrian Rachele

The look of despair and sense of helplessness is apparent in this photograph taken after visiting Auschwitz.  The heavy shadows, the play on light, the expression and the Black & White treatment all convey that deep sense of sadness.


* * *

"On Her Way" by Sue Wickham

Quite a contrast with the first image - this glorious bride has that look of expectation and excitement in her face. I can remember my own wedding day when I look at this beautiful bride - and I remember all the emotions that go with such an exciting day.  Sue Wickham has captured the moment and beautifully edited this image that will resonate with other brides and their parents.  It's the moment the bride begins her new life with great expectation!


* * *

"Waiting to say goodbye" by Dana DiPasquale

A photograph of an inanimate object is sometimes all that's needed  to open the floodgates of memories from another time. Dana DiPasquale while visiting family for a funeral captured this image - anything to keep busy while trying to forget the sadness surrounding the family gathering.  The lone chair, the warmth exuding from this image and the way it has been portrayed shows the richness of family life.


* * *

"Alone in paradise" by Debbie Black

The image of paradise can take many forms, afterall we're all different, so what is paradise to one, may not be to another.  This image taken on Michaelmas Cay on the Great Barrier Reef holds great signifance to Debbie Black, the photographer.  Firstly, taken whilst on honeymoon - paradise in itself! And secondly the location is truly spectacular.  You can feel the warmth of the sand, the coolness of the salt water, the gentle sea breeze, and the lone figure on the beach really does make you feel as though you are alone in that paradise.


* * *

"Beautiful Creation" by lallymac

"Home is where the heart is" and for lallymac, this dawn image will always remind her of  happy times and new beginnings.  New beginnings as a photographer in capturing such an image with sharp silhouettes and gorgeous warm tones of morning.

 * * *

There would be no greater compliment to a photographer than to let them know "you get their image" - their purpose of recoding that image, that moment - has been achieved.  Go and view these artists' on-line galleries, and tell them you "get their images"!



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