Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Fifties Fair 2008 - my late Feature Monday

Yes, I know, it's wednesday and I'm late with my Feature Monday! I have a valid excuse for being late in showing you some fine images - that's because I was busy going through the images I took at sunday's Fifties Fair held at Rose Seidler House! Yeh! I went along and remembered my camera and took along spare batteries (phew!) and best of all plucked up the courage to take some shots of the gorgeous people having fun at the fair! I've uploaded my absolute favourites onto my website and can make copies available for sale through my profile at RedBubble for anyone interested.

I was inspired by the images at the recent Rockabilly exhibition by Steven Siewert, the Sydney Morning Herald photographer and held at the Museum of Sydney. Does he have a rockabilly book out? I so wanted to see more of those images. At least I have a little collection of my own now to view and share.

Along with the the beauty parlour offering 1950's make-overs, the other highlight would have to have been June Dally Watkins telling us all that good manners and good posutre is all you need to get by in this world - bless her little bobby sox!

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