Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fifties Fair 2008

I've been so excited waiting for the Fifties Fair to roll around again, and the crowds this year were bigger and better than ever.  I haven't seen it so busy, it was amost impossible getting to the market stalls to browse and look at the goodies.  I just hope that it hasn't outgrown it's venue of Rose Seidler House, I'm sure it was an almost capacity crowd on sunday!  The fashion, make-up, shoes, hair - the hair! All gorgeous and so meticulous.  And of course the music - what a stand out!  The highlight?  Well that would have to be seeing the beauty parlour and knowing they hold hair and make-up sessions that transport you back in time - and they're not too far from where I live!  Yippee!  Guess who'll be treating herself to some little make-over magic soon?!  If you'd like to see more images from the day, go to my website and click on Fifties Fair 2008.  I can make the images available for sale through RedBubble for anyone interested.  Enjoy!


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