Saturday, 18 February 2012

Juanita Has Good Reason to be Cross...

And that reason is Stella, Juanita's* secret twin sister. Stella's new hobby is tap dancing. It started when she saw the call for auditions in the upcoming reality show, "So Mindfreak You Think You Can Survive With The Millionaire's Family Jewels And Dance Better Than An Apprentice Model on Project X?". The series is going to be big, and Stella wants so badly to get through the auditions but that means she tap dances all the hours of the day. Every day. To say this pisses off Juanita would be quite the understatement. Do you have any idea just how many souffl├ęs Stella's tap dancing has ruined? Poor Juanita. As we say here in Australia, "Not Happy Jan."

* Please do yourself a favour and click on Juanita to understand why I'm even talking about her.
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