Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Linky Love #3

Goodness gracious me - how long has it been since we've had some linky love, you and I? Far too long, would be the correct answer! And really, it's not as though I haven't been browsing here and there and discovering new things; it's simply been because life and other commitments have demanded my attention. And that attention, I will now give to you.

If you have kids who find themselves home thanks to school holidays, and who also happen to love junk food - then I think this reason would be ok to break the "no junk food" rule. Just once. And while they're quiet and busy with their printing, then you should so kick back and really enjoy a coffee or two. Whatever you do though, don't feel all invigorated and try and climb the nearest water tower just because you think you can see the city better from there. Because I guarantee, it will end in tears.

Have you noticed how jaded we feel these days? You know, it's not just you and me who feel this way. It's almost everyone at one time or another. And have you noticed how easy it is to get carried away with this feeling, and be dragged down by the sheer weight of the negativity that suffocates your every positive thought? You end up growling at everyone and everything; the furrows in your forehead become so deep that the Grand Canyon is losing tourists to you; and you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and wonder just who the hell that horrid narky person staring and glaring back at you is. Well - follow this link and read the advice contained in it - you know, life doesn't have to be this tough. Really, it doesn't.

So, until the next Linky Love - smile, and be happy :)

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