Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Images of Home

I'm feeling a little uninspired at the moment, listening to the wind play havoc outside, it makes me a little glad that it's a staying at home day today.  Although, I could also be basking at the beach, sinking my feet in the warm sand and listening to the waves lap the shore instead of the howling ghostlike wind outside.  Amanda Cotton's image "Steps in the Sand" won a recent challenge in "A Photographer's Craft", with her entry of seaside serenity.  The warm light is really quite enticing and reminds me that I really need to book my summer holidays.

Amanda Cotton's "Steps in the Sand"


Quite a contrasting image is Karri Klawiter's "And the light still shines" - such a sad scene, to leave a home in such a state.  Whatever happened to the occupants?  What levels of hardship and despair must they have faced?  Did they manage to take any possessions with them at all?  It's heartbreaking to see that a person's life can unravel so spectaculary and leave this as a legacy of their despair.

Karri Klawiter's "And the light shines on"


This final image, although captured in black & white by Adrian Rachele,  there's a life and vibrancy to it and you know that the people who call this their home love to be where the action is.  What with the pub and fish & chip shop - you may never need to go grocery shopping again!

Adrian Rachele's "Home"

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