Monday, 5 September 2011

Guest Photographer of the Month - A String of Pearls

I love this time of year; it's such a beautiful morning.
© Adriana Glackin - iPhone

September already, I'm not sure what happened to August, but there you go - we're in the first week of spring. Hooray! It certainly didn't help that for much of that time our internet was playing up and our phone line sounded like it was the original line used by Bell when he invented the phone all those years ago. It's all fixed now, and not before time!  (Thank you @Telstra).

So, the latest news is that I was asked by the lovely Jane to be their first ever guest photographer of the month over at A String of Pearls blog. I can thank Jane for suggesting the images I  include as guest photographer, be tranquil, peaceful ones and with the stressful month we've had here at home, it was certainly timely.

Please go and check out the blog, A String of Pearls, and I encourage you to leave a comment on any articles that resonate with you.  

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