Monday, 26 September 2011

My iPod has a Sick Sense of Humour

I resisted getting an iPod for a long, long time. I never really saw why I would need one. I'm happy to listen to the radio in my car and I listen to my CD's at home. So when would I actually need to use an iPod, I questioned? Well, when I'm at the dentist, of course!

It was because of a visit to the dentist that I bought my iPod a couple of years ago.  Listening to your favourite music at full volume does wonders for your nerves and it takes your mind off that whining, drilling sound. Taking my own advice and seeking treatment for a cracked cusp saw me at the dentist this morning. A previous cracked cusp was so painful that multiple injections were needed to deaden the area (bad, huh?). While those injections did help somewhat, there was still a lot of discomfort due to the sensitivity of the cracked tooth. This morning, I helpfully reminded my dentist of that time and suggested I be given as many, if not more, injections to make the experience a little more pleasant* for both of us.

Does this make you feel as giddy and lightheaded as I feel right now?

I've included a snapshot of some of the implements used to repair the said tooth (I really can't see why I should have all the fun) and I'm going to fast forward to where I hit the shuffle button on my iPod to block out the nasty noises. You can only imagine my horror when the very first song is a "Like a Version" by Grinspoon of The Verve's "The Drugs Don't Work".

Thanks iPod - you have one sick sense of humour...

And as a final note, while I can't feel the right side of my face, my tongue feels like it can't fit into my mouth anymore and I can't enunciate my words correctly without dribbling, I felt no pain whatsoever. Yeh!

* euphemism.

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