Friday, 27 January 2012

Week 4 ~ "From a High Angle"

 super scruffy
Not your usual interpretation of this phrase, but I wanted to create something that was a little bit of fun and a whole lot of silliness. I had seen an image where the object was overlaid onto a blackboard background - but do you think I can find it again so I can link you? No! It's been bugging me all week and I've tried all the keyword combinations to no avail. If you've seen other examples, I'd love for you to link me to them. Just pop the link in the comments :)
You'll be surprised to know that I didn't hire a Cessna and launch my dog from it in order to create this image. The 'high angle' in this shot, involved me standing on tip toes on a kitchen chair. I had my dog lay on a piece of green fabric then I arranged a red t-shirt above him so it would look like a superhero's cape. In PS, I erased the green background and then duplicated the dog layer onto a drawing I had done and scanned into PS. I added a couple of textured layers and then applied a fake TtV brush I had made in PS over the top of the previous layers. To create the impression that Super Scruffy is flying, I duplicated the back portion of him and pasted that onto a new layer then applied motion blur to the new layer. A few more tweaks with curves and some dodging and burning and this is the final result.
Another week is done. You know, the scary thing about a project like this, is it forces you to notice the passing of time. People, we are already four weeks into the new year....gulp!
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