Thursday, 14 May 2009

My latest Fad, maybe...

Fads – I’ve had a few over the years. Some last a day, some several years, all my fads are completely engrossing – at the time of the fad. I want to learn all about the fad I’m into at the time, I want to chat with other people who enjoy the same fad I do, I want to work at my fad without interruptions and get cross when I can’t get my fad-fix. Then suddenly, before the fad ever gets boring or completely mastered, a newer, shinier fad comes along and I become completely engrossed in it. Sometimes this means that I abandon older fads in order to replace them with newer, fancier ones; sometimes I can run several fads side by side quite happily. It’s even been known that family and friends will place bets on how long particular fads will occupy my attention...which is a bit rude really...I’ve even been called Fad-Girl to my face. But that’s the thing – the world is full of undiscovered fads and the harder I try not to look for them, the easier these new fads find me.
My latest fad – cupcakes. Of course I’ve been denial of this fad for a long time. My family have only just cottoned on to the fact; this is indeed a fad of mine. I’ve been a closet cupcake fancier for years. It’s only recently that I’ve started baking the odd batch of two for the family. What gave it away to my family, was when I recently photographed a particularly cute chocolate cupcake - that’s when they collectively rolled their eyes and sighed and declared – “oh, looks like mum’s found a new fad...”
How often can you combine more than one fad together – in this delicious cupcake photograph, I combine my love of photography, of cupcakes and of scrapbooking (by using a craft punch to create a teensy little heart shape template)...I ask you, where is the harm in having the odd fad or two?

I heart cupcakes by Adriana Glackin

If you'd like to buy a copy of this as a wall print, canvas or greeting card, click on this link.

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